5 More Awesome DIY Lego Tables

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DIY lego tables, dude. I think people love ’em, because my first 5 DIY Lego Tables post keeps popping up as one of my most popular.

I think the idea of making  really cool table goes hand in hand with fostering the creativity of your kids. I think we parents want to make sure if our kids are going to spend hours making things with all those tiny plastic bricks, we want to have a hand in making sure they’re making things in STYLE.

Or maybe it’s just because the ready made Lego tables out there suck. In any event, here are some more DIY Lego table ideas, and just so you know I’m still trying to figure out what sort of table we should make.

Have you made one? Are you going to make one?


Ikea hack! This is so cute, and although the pink box suggests this if for a girl-child, this could obviously be tailored to a boy. You’d obviously need a blue box underneath. BAHAHAHAHA


1Hot damn, this setup is pretty cool. I mean it’s over the top, but how fun if you have a couple of kids who are Lego freaks.


1This is supposedly an easy DIY, so if you aren’t up for a few days of planning and making, this may be the best bet. This may be my best bet. I like that the Legos will be contained in a tray.


1Neat, clean, contained, simple. Love this table/shelf system for building and scooping away into the various buckets.



I adore this Lego table. There’s lots of building space, and 2 easy, scoopable containers to store all the bricks. I like the clean white, grey, red, too.

Check out my first 5 DIY Lego table ideas post here.

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5 DIY Lego table ideas


P.S. Isn’t this a cool poster? Found on Etsy by Design Different.

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1 Comment

  1. Megan Harrington
    01/05/2016 / 9:55 pm

    Love them all. My six year old son is just really getting into Lego and I don’t know who’s having more fun – him or me. I’ll have a squiz at your earlier Lego post as I haven’t seen it yet then decide which way we’ll go. Thanks for the ideas, it’s come just at the right time!

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