Bright and Happy! Ice Cream Cone Paper Craft

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Lo and behold. I started working on this paper craft the other day, come to find out that Ice Cream Day is tomorrow. Thank you to the random weirdo who created ice cream day, and thank you to Ben & Jerry’s, my very favorite ice cream brand, and thank you to this bright-as-all-get-out colored card stock that I can’t keep my hands off of.

There are truly no directions here.

All you do is cut and glue.

Paper craft! Ice cream cones

Look at all these bright colors! They’re killin’ me. I find it hard to break out of working with either ‘cool’ or ‘warm’ colors all together in a project. Do you do this? Or are you more of an ‘all-colors’all-the-time’ person? Or maybe a neutral Nelly?
Paper craft! Ice cream cones

Of course, you’ll be wanting to eat ice cream after you make these, so start thinking now about whether it will be a milkshake, a wretchedly large sundae, or just a tiny little plastic spoon sample of something disgusting like salted caramel gum bacon truffle.

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Paper craft! Ice cream cones

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